Spring arriving later this year

British gardeners and greenhouse enthusiasts can expect to see a "good display of colour" this spring when the flowers eventually come out.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, environment correspondent Louise Gray said the cold winter weather early on in the season means things will happen a bit later this year.

However, when plants start to bloom it will be with a riot of bright shades, she stated.

Ms Gray went on to say that many people had reported signs of spring such as nesting rooks, frogspawn and lesser celandine all appearing later than usual.

Similarly, a poll by the Woodland Trust revealed fewer than 300 snowdrop sightings, compared with more than 1,000 at the same time last year, she added.

"Events could unfold rapidly, unless there is another cold snap," the expert remarked.

February is the perfect time to plant tomatoes in readiness for perfect results in the summer, former BBC Gardeners’ World presenter Nigel Colborn wrote recently in the Daily Mail.