Spiral staircase highlights how far glass has come

Glass has become a key design tool in modern residential architecture and its use can provide homeowners with all kinds of opportunities.

An architectural firm recently developed a design featuring numerous glass plates, cleverly stacked to form a spiral staircase.

Michael Mallinson Architects has created a design specifically for a family home in London.

But those considering adding a glazed extension to their home may think about adding something similar to their own design.

"We decided to use a "stacking plates" principle in the staircase design," the company explained on BD Online.

"The basic scheme comprised a series of identical glass treads and circular glass disks, stacked with "dry joints", and displaced radially around a common axis like hands on a clock or blades on a Swiss army knife to form the spiral of the staircase."

Those looking for inspiration on what to add to their home may consider glass due to its stylistic qualities.

Glass can improve the all important lighting levels in a home as well as provide a view of the surrounding area, often increasing the value of the property.