Spicy salsa in a summer greenhouse

Growing a spicy salsa could give gardeners the perfect accompaniment to summer meal while providing fun and easy produce to grow in the greenhouse.

Tomatoes, peppers, chillies, tomatillos and onions are all great items to grow for a summer salsa.

According to the Gardening Examiner, there are several varieties of tomatoes that provide instant colour to a greenhouse environment.

Black, red and orange tomatoes can be combined with stripey and yellow varieties and there is also colour to be had in peppers.

Green and red peppers are the obvious choice, but banana peppers provide a different touch.

In addition, chilli peppers such as habanero, jalapeno and chipotle provide an exotic heat and some do not take up much space in the plot.

As well as fiery peppers and tomatoes, a good salsa needs onions and a crop of red onions, green onions and yellow onions will make a perfect addition.

Freshly grown garlic can also be combined with herbs, beans and radishes to provide further flavour to the greenhouse.