Sneeze-Free Garden Opens in London

A pop-up garden billed as a “sneeze-free” zone will open from today on London’s South Bank.

The garden consists of more than 2000 low allergen plants including begonias, fuchsias, petunias, geraniums, hibiscus, clematis and bay trees. All plants have been selected because they adhere to strict low pollen criteria based on the OPALS scale, the world first plant-allergy scale.

Beverley Adams-Groom, chief palynologist at the University of Worcester said;

“Insect pollinated plants have heavy pollen grains which rely on insects to transport them. When not attached to a plant or an insect, the pollen falls to the ground. However the pollen in wind pollenated plants is buoyant, enabling It to stay in the air for longer, and is produced in higher concentrations.”

The pop-up garden will be open to visitors until June 22.


Image courtesy of CityAm