Small medium or large – Which Glasshouse to go for

When it comes to selecting a glasshouse for your garden, you will not only need to decide which style best suits your requirements but also which size structure is right for your garden. Gabriel Ash offers small, medium and grand glasshouses, which not only offer plenty of flexibility but are also designed to fit and compliment different sizes of gardens.

For those that require a structure that is suitable for a garden that has less space, a small glasshouse is the perfect choice. Small glasshouses are attractive structures that can be placed in a corner or in the centre of a garden as a main feature. A small glasshouse is the perfect choice for those looking for an elegant Edwardian-style design that offers just enough space to grow a selection of plants.

A medium glasshouse is an ideal choice for those wishing to use the extra space to create a relaxing living area. A medium glasshouse can be used as a greenhouse and sunroom or conservatory combined. Practical and elegant, a medium glasshouse is the perfect solution for those wishing to indulge in a spot of gardening whenever they desire whilst creating the perfect place to relax and unwind with friends and family during the summer.

For those wishing to opt for something impressive, elegant and versatile, the grand glasshouse is the perfect choice.
Built using Western red cedar, the grand glasshouse not only provides you with a place to carry out your gardening hobby but also with a structure where you can carry out a wide range of other activities.
A grand glasshouse can be used to create the perfect sunroom, entertainment area or even to house a pool. Grand glasshouse designs also include roof lights, which help to provide ventilation and accentuate the structure.

A bespoke greenhouse can be designed to suit your individual requirements. Whether you require a small, medium or grand structure, you can be provided with a glasshouse that fits your garden perfectly.
The inclusion of Western red cedar in the design will not only provide you with a glasshouse that looks impressive but also one that will age well.
When selecting the right size of glasshouse, you will need to think about what style will fit your garden and what purpose you intend to use your glasshouse for. A small, attractive design is ideal for those that simply need enough space to enjoy their gardening hobby, whilst medium and grand designs are the perfect choice for those wishing to be provided with a versatile structure that adds beauty and elegance to their garden.

Whatever style you decide to opt for, a small, medium or grand glasshouse is sure to help you enhance your gardening experience whilst providing an attractive feature for your garden that can be used all year round and for years to come.

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