Small animals attracted to RHS greenhouses

A number of small creatures have decided to call the gardens and greenhouses of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) home.

Staff members at Garden Rosemoor are to plant species that will attract more dormice after a number were spotted in the attractions Hot Garden, feasting on the grass.

The normally shy creatures reportedly seemed unphased by the presence of humans, even when visitors began taking pictures.

Meanwhile, a little robin has set up permanent residence in the large greenhouse at Garden Wisley and has reportedly resisted numerous attempts at eviction by always returning to his cosy home.

"It simply seems to love its own reflection and it perches on the top of the displays, staring longingly into the glass," explained Matt Pottage from the Glass Team, who has tried to move the bird on.

"This is fair enough – we like to see visitors enjoying the glasshouse experience – but there is a certain amount of mess that comes with a feathered friend."

The RHS website also included an obituary to Newby Hall owner and Plant Heritage president Robert Edward John Compton, who died earlier this month, aged 87.