Sliding doors good for feng shui

Homeowners with bad feng shui could opt for sliding doors as a means of opening up their living space, it has been suggested.

The Sunday Times reports the case of actress and model Lisa B, who is currently redecorating the house she shares with husband Anton Bilton.

With a partition such as that which may be put in place using sliding doors, the article suggests that the pair may achieve the privacy they require in the mornings.

According to the publication: "Theres bad feng shui in their bedroom.

"So they are going to run mirrored cupboards down one wall and replace another with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors."

The partition allows Anton to get up for work, close the sliding doors and avoid disturbing Lisas lie-in, the article explains.

Lifestyle resource Busy Girls Guide suggests that moving a bed into the centre of the room can actually create more space, despite the popular belief that the most efficient layout is to place the bed against a wall.

The guide notes that this is due to the fact that the wall space may be better utilised for built-in storage with sliding doors.