Skylight transforms Bolton Hill townhouse

A townhouse for sale in Bolton Hill, Baltimore has been highlighted for its effective use of a skylight.

A Desirable Spaces article which appears in the Baltimore Sun describes how the dwelling makes full use of natural light thanks to a large skylight positioned above an imposing central staircase.

Several large windows help more light filter through – with the ones in the street-facing living room measuring eight ft tall – as do big bow windows on two of the floors.

Finally, a French door and further windows in the kitchen ensure the room is illuminated with natural light as much as possible.

According to owners Mary and Dr Matthew Hebdon, the overall effect on a bright day is extremely powerful.

"When its a sunny day, it fills the rooms," Ms Hebdon told the news provider.

As well as providing extra light, some roof lights can also account for excess heat, wind or rain thanks to an automated vent function.