Sky lights help building become award-winner

A number of glass elements helped a dilapidated building become an award-winning piece of architecture, it has been reported.

Online resource the Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes that when architects Brian Bell and David Yocum bought a derelict automobile parts repair shop eight years ago, the structure was a "husk" with a "windowless box" of a warehouse behind it.

After removing accumulated debris, a courtyard was created, and the glazed elements helped to turn the warehouse into a living and working space.

"The new glass wall facing the courtyard and the skylights punched in the roof bathe the once windowless structure in light," the article explains.

As such, the structure is due to receive an award from the Urban Design Commission and was described by designer Pamola Powell as "fresh and creative".

In other news, it was recently reported in the Birmingham Post that a light-diffusing glazed roof incorporated into a London dance studio has provided the structure with a "naturally calm" atmosphere.