Sky lights cut need for lighting

The benefits of sky lights in helping structures cut down on the amount of artificial illumination they require have been outlined in an article in the online pages of the Times.

Such sky lights are among a number of environmentally-friendly features in the design of a factory belonging to coffin makers JC Atkinson and Son located in Tyne and Wear, the resource notes.

Other features include a biomass generator, allowing offcuts of wood and sawdust – which would otherwise be thrown away – to be used to produce both heat and electricity in the facility.

Surplus energy is sent to the national grid – due thanks in part to the reduced electricity requirements of the building as a result of the sky lights.

A large underground tank is also used to collect rainwater, which results in a total of 50,000 litres of drinking-quality water being saved.

Meanwhile, sector commentator Phil Spencer recently suggested that roof lights and sky lights can be used to create an airier, more spacious-feeling living space.