Sky light offers view into small but beautiful home

Architect Nicole Edmonds has been brought to attention for her work modernising small interior spaces to create the effect of having a much larger area.

A report in the Times newspaper has singled her out after a redesign of one of her smallest properties was a success.

Capitalising on the benefit of skylights, Ms Edmonds began work on a 50 year-old semi-detached property that was once a council house.

Stressing the multiple ways in which windows have importance in a home, Ms Edmonds told the Times that "old buildings…look best with a window that is authentic.

"We picked one that balances conservation needs with aesthetic concerns and a need for energy-efficiency."

In order to add a sense of space to the ex-council house however, Ms Edmonds added a skylight to an area of the house already served by French windows, meaning the living area benefited from several sources of light.

The result was the boosting of the sense of space, and with the skylight being environmentally-friendly, it is likely to bring electricity bills down somewhat too.

Reiterating her argument for more skylights and less large buildings, Ms Edmonds explained: "I feel we are custodians of this land, and we need to care for it. Covering it with vast amounts of concrete and steel and structures is not the way to go."