Site the most important vegetable patch consideration

Horticulturalists should take time to consider the location of their plot when planning to grow their own vegetables.

Such is the assertion of Dan Pearson, who makes his comments in the Observer, noting that the Victorians used to go to great lengths to ensure their vegetable patch was south-facing to make certain that it sloped into the sun.

He adds that shelter from the elements is also important, suggesting that a hedge can provide an effective and attractive buffer against the wind.

Concluding, he explains that soil is the next most important consideration, noting that he spent an entire winter growing a green manure crop which could be dug into the soil to help improve the level of nutrition in it.

In related news, a gardening expert recently told the Buckingham Advertiser that ecologically-aware gardeners should include their garden in their recycling activities and use household waste such as used kitchen paper and cardboard in their compost bin.