Shift in flower trends for 2010

The UKs most renowned garden and greenhouse organisation has noted how the types of flowers favoured by growers has changed in 2010.

According to the Royal Horticultural Societys (RHS) Plantfinder book, nurseries and garden centres are swinging towards selling new types of plants.

The publication – considered a bible by many avid gardening enthusiasts – revealed that Hemerocallis, Iris and Acer palmatum cultivars have become very popular.

There were 3,400 new varieties added to the books 70,000 listings, which include 400 new kinds of Hemerocallis – a plant traditionally popular in the US.

Indeed, the influence of some large American breeders has had a major impact on what is included in the publication this year, with editor-in-chief Janet Cubey noting that the Heuchera has 30 new cultivars.

"Whats interesting about the Heuchera is that one variety, Berry Smoothie, has come in with 29 nurseries supplying it right from the start" she said. "Weve never had that before."

Meanwhile, the RHS last week hosted its Chelsea Flower Show in London.