Shanghai to get new glazed building

Work has now begun on what will become Shanghais tallest building – the Shanghai Tower.

The glazed building will soar a full 459 feet higher than its closest competitor – the recently completed Shanghai World Financial Centre, according to Business Week.

The 2,073-foot building will be made of glass and will become a major landmark in the Lujiazui financial centre.

It is part of wider plans by the Chinese government to spend trillions of dollars to stimulate the economy.

The huge glass building will be energy-efficient, with a funnel-shaped roof collecting water to be used to flush toilets and wind turbines to power the exterior lighting.

Using glass as part of the design of a building has become commonplace in the 21st century.

Homeowners around the country are deciding to improve their homes with a glazed canopy to give the finishing touch to finely manicured gardens.

A glazed canopy over some chic decking can provide the perfect sheltered spot to entertain guests with lunch or a barbeque.