Shallots could be perfect produce to grow

If people want to grow their own produce in their greenhouses, they may want to ensure they include some shallots in their plans.

Writing for Get Reading, James Ashford explained these are more expensive to purchase than onions in the shops, so this could provide extra encouragement for individuals to plant some for themselves.

He advised waiting until the end of January to get growing, as they – like most other bulbs – do not like to sit in the wet.

Planted in sets, they should be placed about six inches apart and pushed firmly into the earth so that their tops are only just sticking out of the mud.

"The elongated French varieties like Longor are generally sweeter with a more delicate flavour," Ms Ashford continued, noting that English varieties are often hotter.

Writing for the Salisbury Post recently, Darrell Blackwelder said keeping their equipment well maintained should be a priority for gardeners in 201