Serpentine pavilion gets glass roof

Taylor Woodrow has nearly completed the installation of nine glazed canopies on top of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion.

The project to fit the canopies on top of the timber structure at the Hyde Park gallery is the first Frank Gehry project to be carried out in England.

The architects Serpentine Gallery Pavilion will be in the popular London park from July 20th to October 19th.

Commenting on his design, he told the Guardian: "Because the pavilion is temporary, we thought, why not get back to some real basics?

"We started with this catapult idea, and then we got hooked on the notion of a roof made of stylised butterfly wings. We passed the model around the office like we were playing a ball game, and ended up with this."

The glass canopies will be used to create a roof light effect with the butterfly wings.

Website reports that the building company is positioning the 30 panes of different-sized panes of glass on top of the structure.

A special lifting expert attended to ensure that the correct lifting plan was carried out.