Separate rooms

The creation of separate rooms in a property can have a number of benefits, according to an article in the online pages of the Times.

Industry commentator Naomi Cleaver suggests that self-contained living spaces can provide people with privacy and also block out noise, which can be an issue in open-plan rooms.

Ms notes that in her first home, which was open-plan, it was hard to escape from her noisy football-obsessed husband as he exuberantly shouted at the television on match days.

Should their homes be open-plan throughout, consumers may well find that they benefit from installing a new living space – such as a conservatory – to provide them with a sanctuary to escape to.

In related news, Martyn Hocking, editor of consumer magazine Which? Money recently told the Manchester Evening News that increasing the amount of living space in a home is the best way to add value to a property.