Selecting the best plants for your greenhouse

Installing a greenhouse in your garden provides you with the freedom of growing a wide range of plants all year round. Gabriel Ash offers a selection of greenhouses that will not only provide your plants with everything they need to thrive but will also enhance your garden.

Adding a greenhouse to your garden enables you to grow your own fruit and vegetables. There are many types of fruit and vegetables that are suitable for greenhouse growing, including peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. You can also grow a wide range of herbs such as dill, basil, parsley and thyme. You are also provided with the opportunity to grow your fruit and vegetables organically, which will provide you with a number of benefits.

Greenhouses are ideal for growing tropical or exotic type plants such as cacti. Cacti are a particularly good choice for those wishing to grow something interesting that is easy to care for. All that is required is plenty of heat and light as well as water in moderation. Growing a wide range of tropical and exotic plants successfully can be very rewarding and will enable you to brighten up your greenhouse and garden in the summer. Passion flowers, orchids and Venus fly traps are just a few of the other interesting types of exotic and tropical plants that you can experiment with in your greenhouse.

Other plants that are ideal for greenhouse growing include pansies, snapdragons and marigolds. These plants can easily be protected in your greenhouse during the colder months and can be stored there until the weather is warm enough for them to be moved outside. Adding extra heating and lighting will also help to make your greenhouse suitable for many plants.

Whatever type of plant you decide to add to your greenhouse, you will need to select something that will be easy for you to care for. If you are a beginner, then there are a wide range of greenhouse plants that are easy to grow and you have the freedom of moving onto more challenging plants whenever you wish. Researching the needs of the plant you are planning to grow is a must.. Whether you are a beginner or a keen gardener, a greenhouse is sure to help you keep your chosen plants at their best.

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