Schools should encourage gardening among youngsters

Children should be encouraged to learn outdoor and greenhouse growing skills, an expert has asserted.

Garden Organic knowledge development officer Phillip Turvill explained the hobby can be something for all age groups to share – and suggested schools should also be involved.

Speaking at Gardeners World Live, he explained passing on knowledge to kids can help the gardeners of the future develop a sustainability ethos.

Mr Turvill said kids should be taught how organic growing can help gardeners never take more from the earth than they put in.

"It all becomes a very natural process for growing healthy food," he commented. "Thats whats so exciting about growing organic in schools."

The expert was especially focusing how people can grow their own food and suggested courgettes as a good starter veg, due to their high yield.

Meanwhile garden firm Dobbies has reportedly made over £1 million-worth of sales in its Grow Your Own range since the beginning of 2009 – an 82 per cent increase year-on-year.