School gardening initiative reaches landmark

Set up in 2007 to encourage children to take an interest in garden and greenhouse growing, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Campaign for School Gardening has now surpassed all expectations.

The popular initiative recently welcomed its 10,000th member school, marking a major milestone in its lifecycle.

Compton Church of England Primary School from Newbury in Berkshire was the school that helped the campaign reach the landmark and was awarded an engraved plaque and plum tree to mark the occasion.

RHS head of education Dr Ruth Taylor visited the school to present the prizes and teacher Sharon Annetts explained how much it meant to the staff and pupils.

"We are so pleased to be the 10,000th school to register with the RHS scheme and we plan to plant our new fruit tree on our school allotment for all to see," she said.

Such has been the success of the scheme that more than 2.5 million children across the UK have now been introduced to garden and greenhouse horticulture since it began two years ago.

In other news, a service to give thanks for the life of the late Bonham Blazeley – a respected grower – is to be held on January 10th, the RHS confirmed.