Scandinavian firm wins Olympic garden contract

A Scandinavian firm has been given responsibility for constructing the 2012 Olympic Park site in London.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), Skanska has been handed the contract to create the southern section of the project, which will include a large-scale riverside planting initiative and the construction of new gardens.

Two of these green spaces will be designed by Hannah Clegg and Rachel Read – winners of the RHS Olympic Park competition.

The garden and greenhouse fans won the childrens and adults categories respectively and are currently working with landscape expert Sarah Price to finalise their plans.

Ms Price is no stranger to the project, having designed the half-mile-long London 2012 Garden that will become the main attraction.

Hundreds of thousands of plants are being sourced for the initiative from all over the UK, with the gardens set to be built on old industrial land.

Meanwhile, the RHS recently suggested that garden and greenhouse fans shake off any snow that may have settled on their trees as its weight can warp the branches.