Salad bacteria

A number of scare-stories have emerged recently surrounding the presence of bacteria in shop-bought salad.

Cases of salmonella and E. coli have been reported both in the UK and in the US, while it emerged today that eating pre-washed salad could put people at risk of food poisoning.

Lead researcher Professor Gadi Frankel explained that bacteria can cling to even pre-washed salad and people were generally un-aware of this fact.

"In their efforts to eat healthily, people are eating more salad products – choosing to buy organic brands and also preferring the ease of pre-washed bagged salads from supermarkets – than ever before," Professor Frankel said.

"All of these factors, together with the globalisation of the food market, mean that cases of salmonella and E.coli poisoning caused by salads are likely to rise in the future."

The safest way to get your salad hit is likely to be growing your own and washing it thoroughly before consumption.

Growing salad in the greenhouse or in the garden means you know exactly what it is coming into contact with.