SAD sufferers should exercise outdoors

Brits suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) have been encouraged to take part in regular exercise.

Spending time in the garden and greenhouse can often benefit people with the condition due to their exposure to natural sunlight, while the work involved can also trigger endorphins.

Julie Brealy is a health manager with the FitFarms camps in Exmoor and the Peak District.

She explained that there is a risk of cutting levels of exercise in winter and suggested people maintain their fitness throughout the year.

Meanwhile, a spokesman said keeping in shape boosts peoples wellbeing, which helps fight the condition.

"It also has a secondary benefit in that daytime outdoor exercise exposes to people to sunlight, the lack of which is the root cause of SAD," he added.

The comments may encourage garden and greenhouse enthusiasts to plant some autumn vegetables or find work to do in their glasshouse.