RSPB Issues Nest Warning

As gardening enthusiasts up and down the country start to belatedly enjoy spring, the RSPB has warned green-fingered souls to be careful of nesting birds.

Spring is the time when birds begin to pair up and making homes for young chicks to be reared. Those of us who have been lucky enough to have an early blossom in our hedgerows and shrubs are advised to take particular care when trimming.

RSBP’s head of wildlife Val Osborne said;

“At this time of year, there is normally plenty of shrubbery for birds to make safe nests in and hide from predators, but the late start to spring has meant that many leaves are yet to come out.”

She continued;

“Instead of their usual spots, birds may opt to build homes in more unusual places, as well as ivy and other evergreens, so gardeners should stay alert.”

The RSPB have also warned those who want to repair their roofs;

“If you have birds in your roof, then leave them in peace and hold off on any repairs until the nest is no longer in use.”

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