Roof lights help create lighter living spaces

Roof lights and kitchen extensions can be used in conjunction to create lighter and more spacious-feeling living spaces, it has been suggested.

Industry commentator Phil Spencer makes his comments in the online pages of the Sunday Times, noting that it is often possible to open up ceilings into the areas above in certain structures.

"In single-storey kitchen extensions or top-floor bedrooms its often possible to open up ceilings into roof voids… roof windows or skylights create light and airy interiors," he notes.

Continuing, Mr Spencer suggests that those who have run out of space inside a property could well look to create a garden studio or office, adding that modern "sheds" are both smart and "fantastically" useful.

Finally, he notes that environmentally-friendly additions to a home – such as solar panels and bore holes – could well be prudent purchases.

In related news, industry commentator Philip S Wenz recently wrote in the San Francisco Gate that roof lights have the capacity to enhance a living spaces habitability by illuminating it.