Roof blinds can make all the difference in the conservatory

Installing the correct choice of roof blinds in the conservatory can help determine its use and can be a major part in its success as a glazed extension to the home, according to the American Chronicles Grant Dain.

"Choosing the right type of conservatory blind raises a number of surprisingly complex issues which do not normally apply to conventional blinds elsewhere in the house," he writes.

"Conservatory blinds are also more expensive especially in large structures so it pays to make the right choice in order to avoid the un-welcome experience of buyers remorse."

Blinds can be used to reflect large amounts of heat, or to simply filter it. They can also be used to control the brightness of the room, which can be an issue on bright, clear days.

They also have the obvious uses of providing thermal insulation at night or in winter and can provide privacy when necessary.

Blinds should be chosen based around what they are required to do for the conservatory, and a bit of thought in the planning stage will pay dividends later down the line.