RHS Report Reveals Worrying Statistics

A new Royal Horticultural Society report into the attitudes of young people to gardening has revealed some worrying statistics for the future of gardening.

The report, “Horticulture Matters”, will soon be presented to Parliament and shows almost half of under-25s do not consider gardening as a serious career, and a further 70% of 18 year olds believe gardening should only be considered as a career for those who have failed academically. Many assume that if a young person is spotted gardening in a local park they are doing community service.

The survey also shows 70% of 18 year olds do not think gardening is a career to be proud of, compared to 79% of people over 40 who think the exact opposite.

However steps are being taken to buck the trend, with the RHS targeting schools in the hope of sowing the gardening seed early.

Unfortunately rather like classical music, fine wine and crown green bowling, it appears gardening is something that grows on you with age.

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