RHS receives record-breaking number of enquiries

The Royal Horticultural Society received a record-breaking amount of enquiries in 2011. The society revealed that its Advisory Department dealt with over 60,000 enquiries, last year, many of which related to the unpredictable temperatures.

Other enquiries received by the RHS Advisory Department included problems with pests and diseases and gardeners asking for help with identifying plants.

Other popular queries included problems with sweet peas due to unpredictable temperatures and advice on equipment for harvesting apples. The society also received hundreds of enquiries about cordylines, which were hit with a bacterial infection as a result of the cold winter of 2010/2011.

Speaking about the busy year for the society, Guy Barter, Chief Horticultural Advisor, said: “Last year was a record year for RHS Advisory. We had lots of enquiries from members about how the unusual weather would affect the growth and development of their plants.”