RHS lists slugs and snails as top garden pests

The RHS has listed slugs and snails as the most troublesome garden pests of 2011. It is the second time that the pests have made it to number 1 on the RHS’s top ten pests list, having reached the top spot in 2009. In 2010, they were placed at number 2 after being knocked off the top spot by the viburnum beetle.
Last year’s list saw the viburnum beetle being placed at number 5. Other pests included in the list were the vine weevil, which was placed at number 3 and cushion scale, which was 2nd.

The pest list is compiled annually by the RHS Entomology Team, which is based at RHS Garden Wisley.

According to the team, most the enquiries by RHS members relate to slugs and snails.

“Nearly all gardens suffer from slugs and snails and since they damage a wide range of plants it is not surprising that they often generate most enquiries,” the team said.