RHS duck finds water

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who last week read about Garden Wisleys Hoisin may be interested in an update in her situation.

The mother duck had made her nest in a hanging basket at the popular Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) site, laying ten eggs eight feet above the ground.

Staff were concerned that the ducklings would injure themselves by falling from the nest or on the long journey to the lake.

However, the RHS has revealed that Hoisin and her chicks are now happily living on the water after leaving her nest when none of the workers were looking.

She was later spotted with her brood on the lake, much to the relief of Garden Wisley employees, who had erected a cushion below the hanging basket to protect the chicks as they flew the nest.

Garden Wisley and the RHS other sites may be in for some changes after the organisation recently appointed Sue Biggs as its new director-general.