RHS: Dont get totally distracted by Christmas

Taking care of a few bits and pieces in the garden and greenhouse can be the last thing on gardeners minds in the run up to Christmas, but the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has advised that a tiny amount of maintenance now can make all the difference.

With just two weeks to go until Christmas, now is a good time to unblock gutters and sweep up any loose leaves lying around to help avoid a festive flood.

While the RHS suggests that spring is the best time to start composting, garden waste should always be recycled if possible.

Another word of advice that will help avoid the garden being turned into a Boxing Day bog is to remove any hoses and turn off or insulate any outdoor pipes to avoid them freezing over and bursting.

A freak occurrence such as this could be enough to ruin Christmas so it is worth taking a little time to prevent it.

Gardeners should also leave the warmth of their greenhouses and mow their lawn if possible – but take care not to walk on the grass when its frosty as this could lead to damage.

These little hints shouldnt take long to put into practice and could save time and money in the long run.