RHS advice on growing tomatoes

While the summer weather is here, garden and greenhouse enthusiasts may be interested in growing some of their own food.

One of the more popular choices are tomatoes, which the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) claims are being sold in a range of different styles, with heritage varieties becoming fashionable again.

However, those hoping to harvest their own this season may have to head to their local garden centre to purchase an established plant, as the ideal time to sow seeds is February for greenhouses and march for outdoors.

"Ideally, grow on in a glasshouse, spacing plants so that their leaves never touch," the RHS advises.

Now is a good time to move the move outside if they have been growing under glass, with around 16 inches between each plant, the body says.

It suggests roots be kept moist but not waterlogged, with those grown in pots and growbags needing extra attention with the watering can.

Those wishing to learn more about growing fruit can attend a course at RHS Garden Wisley this Monday (June 22nd).