Recycle Your Christmas Tree

That most traditional of festive signifiers, the Christmas tree, has once more come to the end of its life. The Epiphany has passed, and most of us have taken down the decorations and dumped the now naked tree to the darkest corner of our garden, or with the rubbish bins. But why send it to landfill? An innovative scheme in Colorado and the scheme closer to home in Cambridgeshire we talked about in last week’s news are appealing for your old tree, in order to help animals in two very different ways.

A ranch in Colorado has asked the local community for their old trees in order to feed their goats during the winter months. The pine trees usually trimmed up for the festive season contain vital nutrients and Vitamin C that help the animals get through the winter, and the needles act as a natural de-wormer. The goats will eat the whole tree within about two hours, bark and all.

Additionally don’t forget zoos closer to home like the one in Cambridgeshire that is appealing for old Christmas trees for a very different reason. Lions, tigers and snow leopards at Linton Zoological Gardens love to curl up and play with the trees. The trees donated with roots are planted, and dried out ones are used in the zoo’s bio-burner for heating and hot water.

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Author: Robert Smith

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