Rapper Snoop gets growing tips from retired farmer

Greenhouse enthusiasts might be interested to learn that American rapper Snoop Dogg has met with retired farmer Ian Neale to discuss growing techniques after Mr Neale broke the record for cultivating the world’s largest swede.

Snoop posted a video on YouTube congratulating the Welshman on his feat and invited him backstage to his gig in Cardiff on Sunday night.

After initially rebuffing the rapper’s invitation, Mr Neale went along to the gig and met the rap star who wanted to know his secret for growing such large vegetables.

Kevin Fortey, who accompanied Mr Neale, told the Metro: “He was astounded at the length and girth of the 40in-plus cucumbers and said, ‘Geez man, the ladies would be very proud of you guys’.”

Mr Neale gave the entertainer his secret ingredient of Rootgrow fertiliser to help him with his horticultural needs.

The former farmer smashed the Guinness World Record for the heaviest vegetable last month with an 85.5 lb swede.

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