Put thought into kitchen design, homeowners told

Brits considering updating their home with a new cooking area or kitchen extension may be interested in the advice in a recent article.

Speaking to Savannah Morning News, designer Jim Spence explained there is a thought process behind building the ideal food preparation area.

He said there should be a combination of aesthetics and practicality in the room and suggested there was more to it than simply throwing in a number of cabinets.

"Take the time with the design and spend a little extra to get a kitchen that functions well and looks great, because you are going to spend a lot of time in this space," he advised.

Brits considering making big changes to their eating or cooking area might also consider a conservatory, which could extend the space into the garden.

Other home improvement options include using a roof light to create a new room in the attic, or installing a pool house to create an all-year-round exercise environment.