Pumpkins tasty and attractive

Pumpkins can be a great addition to the crops of any greenhouse or gardening enthusiast and not just at Halloween, an expert has revealed.

In an article for the Daily Mail, Martyn Cox advised that seed catalogues are full of options for the "tasty and attractive" vegetable that come in all shapes and sizes.

He went on to reveal that planting now could mean picking ripe specimens in summer and autumn.

Once they have germinated indoors, they can be moved outside in late May or early June, once the threat of frost has well and truly gone, Mr Cox stated.

"There they will romp away if planted in moisture-retentive soil or grown in a large container in a sheltered, sunny spot," he explained.

According to Rod Slater, managing director of All-In-One Garden Centre in Manchester, greenhouse enthusiasts have got ‘grow-your-own fever’ at the moment, with more and more people cultivating fruit and vegetables at home.