Protect glasshouse produce, gardeners urged

Gardening enthusiasts who are keen to grow their own fruit and vegetables in greenhouses should take steps to protect their produce from the power of the sun, according to Neil Wormald.

The industry commentator makes his comments in the online pages of the Times, suggesting that the leaves and skin of crops that fare well in glasshouses – such as aubergines – can be scorched during the summer months.

As such, he suggests that horticulturalists apply shading paint to the glass of their greenhouses in late spring to prevent the foodstuff from being burned.

He notes that weather-sensitive paint is best as many types turn white on hot days to reflect the suns rays and will become more transparent when it is damper to allow maximum light to enter the glasshouse.

The BBC suggests that the period between February and March is the best time of the year to plant aubergine seeds.