Property values will increase with garden investment

As the property crisis continues, having an attractive garden could be the answer to sellers needs, it has been suggested.

With house prices having fallen consistently over the past year, sellers are having to work harder to achieve a fair price for their homes and a beautiful outdoor space could help, according to garden designer Jill Fenwick.

She believes that an increasing number of people are looking into improving their homes rather than moving in the hope that it boosts the value when the time comes to sell.

"If you do have a really nice garden then it will increase the value if you do sell the house eventually," Ms Fenwick said.

Adding that buyers will be more attracted to an abode with a nice garden than one with a plain lawn, the designer also suggested that a nice green space could give the edge over the competition.

Almost eight out of ten (78 per cent) of respondents to a poll in April 2008 agreed that having a garden at the back of a home raised its value by at least 15 per cent.