Profiting from the greenhouse hobby

Many gardeners grow flowers for fun and to create beautiful displays, others grow food for sustenance, but a gardening expert from north-east Wales has been encouraging locals to use their greenhouse and land for more profitable ventures.

Phostrogens gardening expert Stephen Green told that he believes the time is right to re-establish a market garden culture in Wales.

"Ive been trying to get the Denbigh plum reintroduced," he said.

"Fruits perish quickly and you cant store them but theres a new fashion for the old techniques of jam-making, bottling and preserving, and plums.

"This area could support soft fruits such as raspberries and blackcurrants which are very hardy. Theres plenty of scope for growing herbs such as parsley, thyme and water cress as well."

Mr Green was also pleased to hear of the £135,000 Agri-Food project set up by rural regeneration organisation Cadwyn Clwyd.

Gardening experts Steve and Val Bradley reminded gardeners in yesterdays (January 7th) Sun newspaper that they should not ignore their gardens just because it is cold outside.