Prime time for greenhouse lettuce

With today being the first official day of autumn, now is a good time to start planting lettuce in the greenhouse.

It doesnt take up much space and can be grown within a few months from seed.

Around 20 inches should be left between rows and plants should be thinned out periodically as they grow, according to

As British winters are harsh for outdoor lettuces, the greenhouse is the ideal place to grow them.

"However, just make sure that you properly water your plants, especially if the weather is warm and dry when you plant the seeds," the website advises.

"Lettuce generally requires a lot of water. Keep you plants well irrigated."

When planting, the seeds should only be covered with around half an inch of soil, while it may also be useful to add an organic fungicide.

It may be useful to grow a variety of lettuce, with Romaines, Crispheads, Butterheads and leaf lettuce adding a little diversity to the diet.