Preparing your garden for the festive period.

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been given some seasonal tips on the subject of preparing for the festive period.

According to BBC Berkshire, now is a good time to plan which plants will be used in Christmas decorations.

While clearing up the garden, greenhouse and shed, horticulture lovers should keep an eye out for healthy stems of their chosen varieties and ensure they are protected from the elements.

The online resource suggested using ivy to bulk up wreaths and garlands as it can provide a base for other plants to be weaved in and out of.

Gardeners were also advised to use the greenhouse to plant roses, chrysanthemums, polyanthus and cyclamen over winter.

Salads and vegetables, such as sweet peas can also be grown under glass during the colder months, but the vents should be opened on warm days and closed at night to guard against frost.

Christmas wreaths traditionally contain evergreen varieties such as holly, ivy and branches of fir trees.