Prepare your garden for holidays

Those jetting off on holiday this summer would be well advised to prepare their garden for your absence.

A recent survey by financial company NS&I found that 19 per cent of those questioned spend at least a day a week tending their garden and with such a great deal of care being put in over the course of the year, it would be a real shame to see it go to waste.

NS&I head of marketing Tim Mack said that with so many people turning to their gardens for food, some may forget to prepare it for their holidays.

"Growing vegetables or fruit in your garden is a great way to make regular savings on your household bills," he said.

"It is important, however, to protect this investment by putting steps in place to ensure your garden is cared for while you are away on holiday."

Before you set off, ensure that all fruit and veg is well hydrated and see if you can get friends or neighbours to water your plants when you are away, leaving specific instructions as required.

Alternatively, hiring a gardener while you're away may ensure that the garden remains in pristine condition.

A good plan is to fill a few water bottles, pierce the lids, and sit them upside down in the soil to gradually release the water.

This will provide hydration for the plants you have so carefully cultivated all year and will make help make sure your garden is still blooming on your return.