Plenty still to do in the garden, greenhouse owners advised

The summer might be over and the rain starting to fall, but there are still plenty of jobs to be getting on with in the garden and greenhouse.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Kate Melhuish said that planning should already be underway for next year, with enthusiasts encouraged to order seeds so they are to hand come planting time.

There are also more hands-on jobs to be done, with shrubs such as viburnum, choisea and olearia needing to be dug into the ground if they are to be ready come spring.

Perennials should also be planted, Ms Melhuish says, and time is of the essence as it will be too late when winter sets in.

However, one area of the garden which Ms Melhuish advises should be left well alone is the lawn.

Once weeds and moss have been eradicated, and the ground has been pierced with a rake to encourage aeration and drainage, then there is nothing left to do until the spring.

Meanwhile, Which? Gardening has suggested gardeners should leave a part of their land untidy in order to provide nesting material for wildlife.