Plenty of floral patio options, expert suggests

Greenhouse enthusiasts looking to brighten up their patio have a wealth of options to choose from, according to one gardening expert.

In an article for the Daily Mail, Toby Buckland claimed that container bedding plants may not survive a winter, but they will more than make up for that by blooming delightfully in summer.

He suggested two black varieties of pentunia – Black Velvet and Phantom – can look great, especially with a "leafy trail of lime-leaved ipomoea, or combined with the white foam-flowers of Euphorbia Diamond Frost".

Classic geraniums make a lovely addition to any space, Mr Buckland continued, while the pink, white, magenta, red and brown varieties grouped together in containers are a visual treat.

Finally, the horticulturalist recommended potting up some datura, as "the giant upturned trombones produce flowers with the sweetest perfume imaginable".

According to Graham Rice, editor-in-chief of the Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Perennials, planting agastaches is a simple and quick way to add a riot of colour to a garden.