Plants spruce up conservatories

Conservatories are great places to keep plants as the heat and protection from the elements mean that keeping more exotic plants is possible.

Not only do plants add aesthetic qualities to the conservatory and home, they provide oxygen which helps keep the home and everyone in it healthy.

Louisa Malone Landscape Designs owner Louisa Malone offered her tips on keeping plants in conservatories on

"Keep plants well watered," she advised.

"One good soak each week is much better than small amounts of water every day. Occasionally move outside and hose down to keep larger leafed plants dust-free.

"Remove dead leaves and flowers and only repot plants that are bursting out of their containers. Feed regularly with tomato feed during the flowering months."

The choice of plants depends very much on taste but for maximum effect a larger plant as a feature trumps a number of smaller plants.