Planthouses – What makes them Different from Greenhouses

Planthouses and greenhouses serve much the same purpose – creating an optimal growing environment for your plants. Generally the greenhouse is a functional structure that is used primarily for the propagation and nurturing of plants. The primary difference between greenhouse and a planthouse is that the objective of a greenhouse is to imitate the native environment, to create an optimal even, controlled environment for plants, particularly seedlings and cuttings. A planthouse is designed to create an enhanced environment, such as that which you would need to grow non-native exotic plants such as orchids, cacti and tropical fruit trees. Planthouses can also be used to force growth on native plants such as tomatoes that thrive in a hot sunny environment.

Most planthouses are used more for the purpose of displaying adult plants and exotics, and shelving is arranged in such a way as to provide the best view of everything. A high ceiling serves to equalize the climate and allow room for trees and climbing plants. An example of a large planthouse is also known as a conservatory. Most botanical gardens feature large walk-through conservatories that display large trees and tropical plants. Your planthouse can be like a smaller version of one of these conservatories, where you can proudly display exotic plants such as the most exquisite rare orchids, and even grow tropical trees such as lemon or palm trees. A planthouse can be used to create an arid environment that is ideal for cacti and succulents, and depending on its size, it can also double as an artist’s studio or summer sitting room.

Gabriel Ash has planthouses in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and for specialised designs, Gabriel Ash also offers a bespoke greenhouse service in which our experts will work with you to design your planthouse exactly to your specifications. You can have your planthouse delivered and self-assemble it or if you prefer, Gabriel Ash will come and build it for you on the foundation of your choice. You may choose to construct a low wall out of brick or concrete to use as an attractive solid base for your planthouse, and Gabriel Ash is willing to put that in place for you as well.

Like all quality Gabriel Ash garden structures, these planthouses are constructed from high quality Western Red Cedar and have been endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society

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