Plant varieties of clematis for year-round flowers

In early summer, the large-flowered clematis are the best growing type within this family of climbers, writer and TV presenter Sarah Raven explained in the Daily Telegraph.

The blue-mauve Perle d’Azure “gets all-round praise”, she stated, while Prince Charles is revealed as even better and more reliable.

In late summer, Gravetye Beauty produces wonderful cherry red colours, Ms Raven added, going on to point out that the Clematis rehderiana with its “elegant bell-shaped flowers” will grow very nicely indeed.

“It’s a whopper and will grow to more than 20ft to cover a house wall, given some wires and support,” she explained.

Autumn is the time for varieties such as Bill McKenzie, winter is just right for Freckles and Wisley Cream, with spring perfect for Clematis armandii, the expert concluded