Plant rhubarb for a plentiful harvest every year

Greenhouse and gardening enthusiasts may be interested in the opinion of one expert who has suggested rhubarb is a plant that can provide rewarding crops year after year.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Francine Raymond commented that the pink vegetable has become a fashionable dessert ingredient in recent years, a trend which she welcomes.

"After a winter of apples and pears I’m always overjoyed at the sight of those first pink thrusty buds poking from their crowns, as welcome as the first fritillaries," she stated.

Ms Raymond went on to point out that in her previous garden, her rhubarb plant was the only variety that really pulled its weight, as she was able to divide and sell the crops each year.

Build It editor Anna-Marie DeSouza recently remarked that greenhouse lovers should start planting fruit and vegetables in March to ensure they can reap bounteous rewards in the summer.