Plant asparagus around Easter

Gardening enthusiasts were advised to plant asparagus if they have the opportunity to do so in the period around Easter.

John Cushnie makes his comments in the Telegraph, explaining that if there is none in the garden then some should be introduced – and if it already contains some then more should be planted.

He explains that horticulturalists should dig in seaweed to their soil before planting the flora if they are able to get hold of some as this will aid its growth.

Mr Cushnie notes that he prefers all male varieties of the plant, but admits that fellow Gardeners Question Time panellist Bob Flowerdew claims that the female types of the plant are superior.

Online resource British Asparagus explains that the asparagus season is the "highlight" of the food calendar, noting that the first spears appear at the end of April and that the period only lasts for two months.