"Plain and simple" foods are best

Those who use their garden or greenhouse to grow food may have the right idea for staying both physically and financially healthy.

An expert recently suggested the best way to do so was to keep food choices "plain and simple".

Ursula Arens, an accredited British Dieticians Association expert, explained going back to basics, as opposed to buying processed fare, is the right idea.

She suggested: "Cut down on ready meals and make your own lentil stew for example – lentils and rice [which you can] eat with onions and carrots is as cheap as chips, so to speak."

Her suggestions follow a study by research body Mintel, which found more than a third (38 per cent) of adults are trying to get proper nourishment from their diet, as opposed to supplements.

Green fingered growers can use their greenhouse and garden to cultivate a number of foods, which can save money and boost vitamin intake.